Dragon Fruit

This month there is a great selection of seasonal vegetables at the market coming from Victoria. Our local farmers are now supplying a great selection of green leafy vegetables and wonderful fruits. All certified organic to be full of greatness and goodness. Recently at GreenSoul Organics, we had some Dragon Fruits from the market that we had in stock. 

Some people were confused so I thought it's best if we give some background on this amazing fruit. 

So what is a dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit is strange looking fruit that is originally native to Mexico and Central America but now it is grown all over the world. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that is very unique in look and taste. It has some health benefits because of its high magnesium and fibre content for a low-calorie fruit. It is also known to some as pitaya, pitahaya and strawberry pear. 

Here are the nutrition facts for a serving of 100 grams:

  • Calories:
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