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Welcome to Greensoul Organics!

Our mission at Greensoul Organics is to provide you and your family with Certified Biodynamic and Organic seasonal fruits and vegetables along with an extensive range of wholesome organic pantry, health, freezer and fridge products.

All produce has been sourced fresh from certified local farms in South Gippsland and the Melbourne Wholesale Market in Epping. We handpick all of our fruits and veggies at the crack of dawn from only Certified Organic wholesale distributors to offer you the freshest and best quality of organic produce available. It's our guarantee to you! To make it easy, you can choose from any of our prepacked fruit, veggie, fruit & veggie mixed box or if they don't suit then customise your box for delivery to your doorsteps fresh. 

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We deliver to 18 'zones' that extend approximately 40 km from Melbourne GPO in each direction. Our vans deliver twice weekly to each zone. Expect your box of farm-fresh vegies to land on your doorstep between 2am and 7am.

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