About us

Welcome to GreenSoul Organics

GreenSoul Organics is a family run business that delivers certified organic produce and everything organic to the homes of Melbourne. We, Nawleen and Ravinesh, are the owners of GSO who took this path of organics to improve the quality of living for ourselves and to eat the best organic food available. But we were no experts in organic eating. And what better way to learn from the community, than to share an organic and sustainable lifestyle. With the help of all the organic goodness, we were able to extend our family and we welcomed our baby Rayaan in 2020.

Our staff and operations

At GreenSoul Organics, you will find the freshest certified organic produce from local certified organic farmers and from the organic produce suppliers at the Melbourne Epping Market. Nawleen’s dad, Chandra, goes to the market himself at 3 am in the morning and personally selects the product to ensure it is of the best quality.

Our key staff members, Rachel and Thalia, are always providing the best customer experience, both in-store and online. And they are always ready to go the extra mile to help our community. 


Our Mission

With the growing demand for more organic products, our aim is to be a one-stop organic shop for Melbourne to make organic eating convenient and help everyone live a healthier life. We also have an extensive range of enviro-friendly products to encourage sustainable living for the longevity of our planet.



GreenSoul Organic is a certified organic retailer with the Australian Certified Organic, our certificate number is 13082.


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