how does it work

How Does it Work?

Every week we choose what organic produce goes in the box, depending on what is in season, what our farmers are growing and what looks and tastes good. We are at the markets on your delivery day bright and early selecting the best available organic produce our suppliers have to offer, so we can fill your box with tasty, nutritious and great quality produce.

We update our website every Monday morning with "What's in the Box" for the following week, to give you an idea of what to expect in your box and plan accordingly. Please note that occasionally box contents are changed last minute due to market availability.

Our weekly email newsletter is a great way to see the updated box contents for the week, this is also a handy reminder to get your order in on time so you don't miss out. You can subscribe to our newsletter using the box on the right.

You can let us know your Favourites and Exclusions!

Although you cannot choose exactly what you want in your box, you do have the option to Exclude up to 3 items from your box each week, if there is something you can't, won't eat or have plenty leftover from a previous week. You are able to update your Favourites and Exclusions each week when you place your order. Any Exclusions will be replaced with something else from the selection to the same value. We will refer to your likes when replacing items and will do our best to accommodate, depending on our stock availability.


If you get through a certain amount of specific products we also offer add-ons. For instance, your family might get through a tonne of bananas every week and the amount given in your box might not be enough. You then have the opportunity to add extra bananas or other seasonal produces.

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