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Market Update - 01/05/2020

Amazing looking certified organic produce coming through the door every week!

Fresh from local farms available @ GSO this week: broccoli, cabbages, capsicums, cauliflower, celery, corn, zucchini, fennel.

Other yummy produce from regional Victoria and around Australia: eggplants, grapes, persimmons, grapefruit and many other fresh and crispy seasonal produce. Our favourite juicy navel oranges are also back!

Last of the season: stone fruits are no longer available. Grapes and berries also in limited supply.

May In season 


Photo credit: Australian Organic

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We deliver to 18 'zones' that extend approximately 40 km from Melbourne GPO in each direction. Our vans deliver twice weekly to each zone. Expect your box of farm-fresh vegies to land on your doorstep between 2am and 7am.

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