In 2018, the organic food market in Australia had grown dramatically in recent years, growing by 88% since 2021. In fact, the Australian organic food market was worth about $2.4 billion. When you buy organic food grown locally, you are not only helping yourself and your family to eat healthier, but you are also supporting local farmers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of shopping for organic food at Green Soul Organics.

How Working With a Local Organic Food Delivery Service Helps You

Not only is organic food healthy, it is also very easy and quick to prepare. For some meals, such as smoothies, you can easily have a meal within three to five minutes, compared to a 15-minute wait at a fast food restaurant. Organic food is also healthier for you. Most organic foods are grown with virtually no pesticides or other harmful additives. Most organic foods also do not use preservatives.

Bringing You Local Organic Food Delivery

Green Soul Organics has a wide variety of organic food. From produce and vegetable boxes to food for your pantry, we have got everything you need. We also have a wide variety of organic ready to eat foods, as well as Indian food as well. If you stop in at our local store, we also have smoothies, pressed juices, and organic espresso as well as raw vegan treats.

Supporting Local Farmers and the Environment

Organic food grown by local farmers is also better for the environment. Organic farming reduces pollution, soil erosion, and helps conserve water. Because organic farming does not use pesticides, it is also better for people and animals who live close to farms.

In Australia, organic farming is highly important. Australia, along with the rest of Oceania, has the world’s highest land use dedicated to organic farming. Even though land in this part of the world only makes up about 3% of all land worldwide dedicated to farming, it contributes to around 38% of the total land used worldwide for organic farming. In fact, Australia and Oceana has around 7,200 total organic producers farming over 12.1 million hectares.

When you shop for organic food from a local grocer like Green Soul Organics, you:

  • Promote the environment.
  • Support local businesses as well as local farmers.
  • Ensure healthier, organic eating options for you and your family.

How Green Soul Organics Promotes Melbourne

Green Soul Organics provides its customers with the best organic food delivery services possible. With Green Soul Organics, you get the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about the choices that you are buying and consuming on a daily basis. Give Green Soul Organics a try and support your local organic farmers.

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